‘Pac-Man: Championship Edition’ Puts New Time-Based Twist On Arcade Classic

Namco is getting ready to release their new title, Pac Man: Championship Edition for the iPhone on Thursday of this week. Created by none other than T?ru Iwatani, the creator of the original Pac-Man game, the new title pits you against the clock, transforming the game from an arcade classic into a fast-paced action-packed race to score as high as you can in the limited amount of time.

The game is bound by a time limit in which the player must score as many points as possible, and the game ends when this time limit is reached or the player runs out of lives. The game speeds up as the player scores more points, and slows down slightly when the player loses a life.
Each maze is divided into two halves. Eating all the dots in one half of the maze causes a bonus fruit to appear on the other side, and eating the fruit causes a new maze to appear in the original half. In most cases, the maze patterns vary significantly throughout the game and some change over time.

Aside from gameplay, one of the coolest things about this game is that it has a control scheme to suit anybody, offering the option to choose between dual d-pads, swiping with your thumb, swiping with a pointer, or directional buttons.

Touch Arcade was lucky enough to get to play with it for a while, and recorded this video of it in action:

[via Touch Arcade]

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