OWLE Mount Turns Your 3GS Into A Decent, Strange Looking Camcorder

Apple went a long way with improving camera quality on the iPhone 3GS, making it an impressive device for capturing video, but it’s still a phone. As good as it is compared to a jailbroken 3G, it doesn’t change the fact that the microphone is in a bad position, the camera is tiny, and it can be pretty shaky. To solve this problem, a young new start-up named OWLE (Optical Widgets For Life Enhancement) is making a 3rd party hardware accessory that enhances the 3GS’s video capturing abilities.

Their device mounts onto the 3GS, and offers solutions to all of the problems mentioned above. It has a much bigger lens, a microphone on the front that plugs into the headphone/microphone jack, and big handles on both sides to make it easier to film without being shaky. It’s also a reasonable size. It could fit in a laptop bag or backpack with relative ease.

While it might not be practical for the casual videographer, it could be handy if you find yourself recording a lot of video with your 3GS. It could be especially handy if Qik ever gets released in the App Store.

Speaking of Qik, the following Qik demo was shot on the OWLE device:

[via CrunchGear]

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