Our Favorite iPhone 3.0 Features So Far

It’s been a few days since iPhone 3.0 was released to the public and there’s a lot of stuff in there! We’ve been playing with the software for quite some time and decided to compile a list of our favorite new features. Some of these are very high profile features, but we’re hoping that we’ll be able to point out a few things you haven’t discovered yet. Read on for the big list!

In no particular order…

New iTunes Features – Movies, TV Shows, Audiobooks
The iPhone’s iTunes app has gotten quite an update in 3.0. Now you can check out all the movies, TV shows, and audiobooks available on the iTunes Store right from your phone. TV shows, audio books, and movies can be purchased and movies can be previewed and rented. Awesome!

Call history details
Call history on the iPhone has been fairly simple in the past, but it never gave much detail on individual call entries. Now by tapping on a recent call’s blue arrow you can view incoming and outgoing calls, their individual times, and even durations!

SMS editing and forwarding
In addition to MMS (on supported carriers), the Messaging app, formally called “SMS,” now has the ability to delete and forward individual messages. Simply tap “Edit” in a chat to select individual messages and then have your way with them using the “Forward” or “Delete” options!

Spotlight search and in-app search
This one is huge. From within Notes, Mail, iPod, and the Phone app you can search for each app’s content. If you want to search through your entire iPhone, flick to the left of the Home screen to bring up Spotlight. This’ll show you apps, and content from the Phone, Mail, Notes, Calendar, and even the iPod!

Push notifications
This feature has been highly anticipated since WWDC 2008. Finally making its way into iPhone 3.0, push notifications allow closed apps to send notifications of new content, messages, or just about anything else. They look just like SMS messages and are perfect for chat and news apps!

Find My iPhone
Find My iPhone allows you to locate a lost or stolen phone using the Mobile Me website. Once activated, you can find your phone just about anywhere, a la Google Maps. If you realize it’s at home, you can tell your phone to start beeping. You can even send a message to the phone, showing anybody who has it that you’re looking for it.

Cut, Copy & Paste
This is a no-brainer. Cut, Copy & Paste is here, and it so rocks! Just tap and hold as you would to bring up the magnifying loop and a cut, copy, paste bubble will show up. To paste, use the same action.

The awesome part about copy & paste on the iPhone is that you can even copy formatting and images from web pages. When you paste that stuff into an email or a note, the formatting is retained. Awesome!

Select multiple photos for email, deletion, etc
Finally! You can now select multiple photos at a time, drop them into an email, and send them off. You can even copy photos and paste them to any app that supports photos. You can also use multi-select to delete multiple photos at once.

Notes sync
Once you activate this feature, every one of your iPhone’s notes is synced right into Mail.app. It’s a little odd if you don’t regularly use Mail, but at least it works!

Voice Memos
This new app does one thing, but it does it well. Voice Memos, as you might guess, lets you record voice memos! The interface is great, and because it’s an Apple application, it can record even if you’re not in the app. It’s perfect for recording lectures, meetings, and notes to self.

Other random features
  • Safari Auto-Fill – Now when you enter login info into Safari, it can save it for next time!
  • Shake to undo – To undo a typing mistake, shake your phone to undo and redo!
  • Shake To Shuffle – While in the iPod with music playing, shake your phone to shuffle the songs!
  • Stereo Bluetotoh – Now you can listen to music wirelessly with Bluetooth headphones.

If you have a favorite feature you’d like to share, tell everyone in the comments!

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