Our Favorite iPad Apps From the Past Few Weeks

With the iPad being delivered to some fortunate souls on Saturday, many developers have been eagerly sending out early looks at some of the apps they’ve been working on. We plan to feature even more iPad apps as they roll out, but below the break are some of our favorites from the past couple weeks. Enjoy!

iBlast Moki HD

This bomb blasting game features all new graphics, redone in high resolution to take advantage of the iPad screen, plus all menus have been optimized for a better player experience.


Sudoku Real Edition

Exclusive to the iPad, this app and promises to be as real as possible. “When you’re playing it’s almost as if you went down to the store, bought a Sudoku book and sat down at a table to play,” touts the developer.


Comic Zeal V4 for iPad

The fourth version of this comic reader offers an iPad specific interface plus other enhancements designed to make reading comics on the iPad a pleasure.


Synotes for iPad

The iPad version of this note taking app is a whole new application and will be called Synotes Slate, while the iPhone version will be called Synotes Mobile.


The Pinball for iPad

Combining three popular iPhone pinball games in one iPad-ready version, Jungle Style Pinball, The Deep Pinball, and Wild West Pinball, The Pinball for iPad promises to be the best pinball action on your iPad.



A Twitter client with a built-in browser… who says you can’t multitask on the iPad?



Described as the “first ever professional DJ application for iPad.” With the multi-touch interface, users can cross-fade, cue, and drag & drop tracks.



With this iPad exclusive app, users create iPhone and iPad workflow sketches using included resizable user interface components.


Harbor Master HD

A line drawing game for the iPhone, now redesigned to take advantage of the additional real estate by offering more docks and ships.


Filemaker’s Bento

The popular personal database app for the iPhone has been redesigned for the iPad.




This fan favorite will be a universal app, meaning if you buy it for the iPhone it will work on your iPad. According to the developer, “It looks like Instapaper Pro, but bigger, and with slight interface tweaks and redesigns where appropriate.”


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