OtterBox Teases New Waterproof iPhone Case

Facing increased competition, the creators of one of the top contenders for users in the market for rugged mobile safeguarding against your most common culprits, OtterBox, today announced its venture into a new zone of coverage: water.

Boasting the new iPhone 4S/iPhone 4 case as its toughest case ever, the new Armor Series case provides incredible protection against drops, shocks, being crushed and now finally water.

Set to ship on June 24th, the new case from OtterBox sports a waterproof “thermal plastic shell” and a “medical-grade” stainless-steel latch. While OtterBox has been in the game of reliably protecting mobile devices for years now, competition such as Lifeproof has undoubtedly threatened the company’s previous monopolization with thinner, more durable waterproof cases.

We’re really hoping OtterBox can pull off the Armor Series case without retaining the usual bulk that its other series solutions add on. Embedded below is a short teaser video of the case and its features: