OtterBox Showing Summer Spirit for iPhone 4 Users

OtterBox is no doubt the best of the bests when it comes to making durable, rugged cases for all of your electronics, and they’re certainly mine and many others’ favorites. All of their cases, no matter what series, are at the top of their brackets, and that’s rightly so. iPhone 4 users are in for a treat as OtterBox have decided to show some of their love for Summer by giving their customers more variety!

OtterBox are now offering their iPhone 4 Commuter Series Case in two new colors, matching the theme of summer as they’re vibrant, bright and everyone’s favorites. The case now comes in black and yellow and black and blue alternatives, which both give your iPhone a flashy look. Usually their products aren’t portrayed incorrectly on their website with pictures, so with all honesty these new options look genuinely nice.

Previously, I thought that any OtterBox cases weren’t for people that preferred visually attractive cases, but rather for people who wanted to solely protect their devices. However, OB have gone ahead and proved me wrong by offering these colors and many other colors that they now offer.

The case is available for $34.95 here, and if it’s anything as good as the iPod Touch 4th generation’s according case, then I stand behind my previous decision and fully recommend the case to each and everyone of you out there. If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative, OtterBox has other cases available for almost any mobile device and eReader you could probably think of. Just go to their homepage and find your device in their long list.