OtterBox Announces Four iPhone 5 Cases

One of the biggest players in the case industry for pretty much any mobile device you could possibly lay a finger on has taken a bite into the newly-introduced iPhone 5 market with the announcement of four cases. A continuation of the company’s defined series of cases, OtterBox has began to offer pre-orders on the acclaimed Defender Series, Commuter Series, Reflex Series and Prefix Series.

All four of the aforementioned cases come equipped with the required capabilities to satisfy the iPhone 5′s taller screen and thinness, and they offer wholesome, reliable protection to keep your new device intact.

Defender Series – ($49.95)

Commuter Series – ($34.95)

Reflex Series – ($34.95)

Prefix Series – ($24.95)

OtterBox has arranged to have any case you order arrive on time next Friday in conjunction with the release of the iPhone 5. So hurry up and get your orders in!