Orbicule Releases A Beautiful Alarm Clock, Melatonin

Orbicule — makers of apps like Undercover [App Store] — has just released a beautiful, innovative new alarm clock app called Melatonin. Melatonin [App Store, $0.99] is different from most other alarm apps because it helps you to wake up gradually, instead of jolting you awake with an annoying tone. The app does this by gradually increasing “sunlight,” causing your body to stop producing melatonin. After the “sun” comes up, Melatonin will play peaceful nature sounds to wake you up. The result is an easier time waking up and a better feeling in the morning.

The app also aims to provide the same smooth transition into sleep; a sleep timer can play natural sounds or iPod music while the sun sets and the lights fade out.


I haven’t tested Melatonin yet, so I can’t say how well it works. What I can say is that it’s got adorable little animals and it only costs $0.99. So if you wake up and still feel groggy, at least you can look over to find a cute baby chick calling you out of bed.

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