Orange Announces July 17th iPhone 3G Release Date, Calling Plan Details

On Thursday, French wireless carrier announced that it will launch the iPhone 3G handset in the country on July 17th with prices beginning at 149 euros ($233) for the 8GB model. The carrier also announced that it will offer the 16GB version of the model for 199 euros ($311.77). The two subsidized prices require that customers also purchase a subscription to one of its existing “Orange for iPhone” plans (below), or its Origami Star (from 3 hours), First or Jet plans.

Within the confines of Orange’s other plans (except time-cutoff and pay-as-you-go), the 8GB iPhone will retail for 199 euros and the 16GB iPhone will retail for 249 according to the provider. For instance, customers can get the 8GB model for 199 euro with a one-hour Origami Star plan that costs 32 euro and offers up to 500MB of monthly internet access.

The “Orange for iPhone” calling plans begin at 49 euros per month for a plan that includes two hours of talk time, two hours of late evening and weekend minutes and 50 SMS text messages. The provider’s most expensive plan is priced at 149 euros and include 12 hours of normal talk time, 12 hours of nights and weekends, and 1,000 SMS messages. Orange will also offer the 8GB iPhone 3G model for 199 euros and the 16GB iPhone 3G model from 249 euros with a 24-month contract via its loyalty upgrade program.

Other incentives include Orange’s “Change your mobile” promotion in which customers who purchased an iPhone before June 12th and are using it with an Orange plan (except time-cutoff, Initial and Mobicarte) will be able to buy the 3G iPhone for 99 euros through a 100 euro refund valid until October 31st. The offer requires a 24-month contract.

The carrier also announced that it will launch the handset for its Orange Business Services clients on July 17th wherein business clients will be eligible for incentives included within the “Change your mobile” offer.

[Via AppleInsider]

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