Opera Mini Browser Submitted to App Store, Acceptance Not Guaranteed

Opera announced today that they have submitted their mobile browser to the iTunes App Store, and that they fully expect to be approved. However, Apple has rejected apps in the past for duplicating the functionality of the built-in apps, such as Podcaster and MailWrangler, despite the concept of duplicate functionality not being in the SDK Agreement. The browsers that Apple has approved are built on the Safari developer kit engine, and simply provide add-ons to Mobile Safari, like private browsing.

Some have suggested that Opera is actually planning for their browser to be rejected and is using it as a means to garner attention. While they are obviously taking advantage of publicity, as illustrated by their count-up to submission timer, it is unlikely they would invest this much time and money to build an app simply to be rejected. Opera is more likely betting big on the publicity forcing Apple to approve the app.

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