Onyx Online To Be Xbox Live For iPhone Games

You may know Steve Demeter as the developer of the hit App Store game Trism, but lately he’s been working on something a lot cooler that could be a game changer in the ever-growing iPhone game industry. It’s called Onyx Online, and it’s an a score keeping service that lets users keep an online profile with their scores in different iPhone games, as well as track of their scores of their friends.

According to Steve, the App Store is at risk of self-destructing due to the abundance of $0.99 games, a price that isn’t sustainable to small developers.

“I wrote this kind of system into Trism as a case study, and it’s been a complete success,” Demeter explains on his blog. “Since Trism launched in July, we’ve been hard at work adapting this online code for use in any iPhone game, and the results are stunning. What we’re going to do is allow any developer to insert the Onyx code into their game, which will instantly enable online scoring, achievements, leaderboards, and customised forums.”

The code for including Onyx Online functionality in iPhone games will soon be available to developers for free. Roughly a dozen or so developers have already signed up to be the first in line. Any developers interested can contact Steve at the address given on his web site.

[Pocket Gamer via Steve's Blog @ Demiforce]

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