OnLive to Make Games Such As Borderlands Playable on Tablets

No longer will tablet gamers be confined to the capabilities of (increasingly improved) mobile hardware for games. OnLive is finally going to bring its on demand cloud gaming service to tablets in a playable form. A concept/demonstration OnLive Viewer app has been available on the iPad for months, but it’s simply that: a viewer for watching others play game through the “arena” functionality, along with marketplace browsing and account management.

Gamers have been eagerly waiting for the iPad and Android apps to become less of a tease, but OnLive wanted to get the experience right for each game through their work with developers. Tablet-specific optimization is a more complicated affair than simply giving players access to joystick controls for a game to become enjoyable to play on a touchscreen. The list of games that have been given the tablet-and-customized-control treatment includes Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Just Cause 2Borderlands, and Duke Nukem Forever.

Unfortunately for the rest of the tablet world, the HTC Flyer, due for release very soon though no solid U.S. launch date is set, will be the first with a playable OnLive app thanks to what looks like an exclusivity deal (stemming from HTC’s investments in the company). Based on OnLive’s previous statements, the greatly-improved functionality should make its way over to the iPad soon, pending the end of any exclusivity deals in place.

[via Engadget]