Online Ordering Now Available For Business Users

One of the big benefits of the first iPhone launch was the ability to buy it online, but so far that’s been a luxury we don’t have with the ’3G (though that’s not surprising with the crazy demand they’ve had through just physical retail stores). However, if you happen to be a business user looking for an iPhone 3G for work, you can now order one online through AT&T.

There are some conditions to ordering online. First, of course, you have to be an employee of a business that is signed up with AT&T’s Premier Enterprise program. If you’re eligible, then you can buy an iPhone 3G through the premier Online Store and have it delivered to you. Currently they’re estimating a time of around 3-7 days for all models before it arrives on your doorstep. (This might change as more people sign up.)

The Premier program is available to businesses of all sizes, as well as government agencies and higher education institutions. Small businesses can sign up online; all others will have to talk to an AT&T specialist. Information is available at

[via Macworld]

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