Online Black Friday Deals: Cases, Apple Deals, Cheap iPod touches, and more! [Updated]

The holidays are among us, and the biggest spending day is right around the corner. However, you don’t have to get out of bed at 5:00 in the morning to get the good deals. Below are some of the best online deals are for iPhone and iPod touch related accessories. Most of these specials are limited to a date or quantity remaining, so act fast to “cash in” on these deals.

While Apple has not yet detailed what they will be offering on sale, they might have some good bargains on iPods, and cases for iPhone and iPod touch. And if you’re looking to get someone an iPhone, look no further than the iPhone 3G gift cards.

Griffin Technology:
Griffin has some of their classic products, like the iTrip, marked down to as much as 50% off. You can also purchase the “Reflect” iPod/iPhone cases for $10 each. In addition, they have the iClear for iPod/iPhone priced at $10 each. You can also use coupon code TURKEY to get an extra 25% off through 11/30.

Marware is offering most of its older cases extremely cheap. If you’re looking for that good stocking stuffer, then look no further than Marware. They have cases for iPhone (1st generation), iPod 5G (video), iPod nano 2G, iPod nano 3G (video), and the iPod touch (1st generation) in a $5-$10 (U.S.) range.

MacMall, a mostly Mac-related online store, is selling iPod touches for under $100, and has a few deals on iPod/iPhone speakers.

If you find another site, be sure to share it with the iPhone Alley community in the comments or forum. And if you want a sneak-peak at the big box store circular ads, check out TGI Black Friday.

Update: As a few of you have pointed out, there are no $98 iPod touches. We were up late last night and “$98 off” looked like “$98 iPod touches”. Sorry for the mix up!

Update 2: Mophie is running a Black Friday deal on the Juice Pack. You can get 25% off today only!

[via Mac|Life]

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