Om Nom Hungry for More, Cut the Rope 2 Details Emerge

I seriously can’t imagine being able to eat pounds of candy at one time, especially the amount that iPhone puzzler, Cut the Rope’s star Om Nom chomps up. Going through over 150 boxes, it’s a wonder that he’s not full or unable to eat yet – and that’s definitely interesting considering there’s a new sequel planned for Om Nom to feast upon. IGN reports that they’ve received exclusive, minor details on a second game, which will be a whole different application than its predecessor rather than yet another content update to the original.

The game will seemingly be yet another puzzler, most probably adding a bunch of new elements to the original gameplay. However, the game will not be taking place in a variety of different boxes, since one screenshot reveals that Om Nom finally [escapes] get out of them. Also, the icon above introduced a new candy shape; a star rather than a circular piece of candy.

I wouldn’t expect many updates to the original Cut the Rope unless the next version will have its own storyline, which seems very likely as of now. Even though nothing as been officially announced, it’s expected that the game will be based off of a more developed storyline and simply not just an objective. This comes as the result as a new character addition, the Professor, and based on an upcoming Cut the Rope, animated comic for the iPhone.

The original Cut the Rope was great. I thought so as did the whole App Store audience. From my review:

“…the game is full of pros and no cons. Even if you aren’t convinced by my review, the game truly is one-of-a-kind proved by its quick rise to the number one spot on the app store. That alone along with the $0.99 should get you on your device immediately downloading the game.”

So, as you can see, the game was a thrill to be played and still is kudos to the semi-constant content updates. You can expect a full review and/or further details as they surface, but all I’ve got to say for now is that I’m excited.

[Via IGN]