Official Geocaching App Coming From Groundspeak

Groundspeak has announced that an official geocaching application has been submitted to the App Store for review. Because the application is being developed by Groundspeak themselves, it should prove to be the best application yet for geocaching. According to the post, the application comes with all of the obvious stuff required for geocaching from your iPhone, including a compass and a “distance to cache” display.

When it becomes available, the application will cost $9.99 and will work on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPhone 3G. iPod touch users will need a WiFi connection and 2G iPhone users will not get the use of a compass.

Groundspeak already has plans for more features in the near future. They plan to add the ability to log finds and filter out previously discovered caches within the next month.

Geocaching is a kind of treasure hunting where the “treasure” is hidden by others and logged on The goal is to then find the “cache” using a GPS-enabled device to find its logged GPS coordinates. You can read more about geocaching here.

Thanks Arnold!

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