Offered App – The Easiest, and Most Legal, Way to Get Paid Apps Free

Everyone loves free things, don’t they? That’s why many times people will resort to piracy and such things on the web, which you all hopefully know is illegal – yes folks, you can’t just go out and get paid things for free and expect what you’re doing to be legal! But actually, yes you can. Thanks to OfferedApp you’ll be able to get popular paid iPhone, Android and Blackberry applications for free.

I’ve been using this free service for the past few days, and it’s wonderful. Started in late April, OfferedApp allows users to download a new paid iPhone, Android and Blackberry application each and every day, by just completing one of four daily offers; these will often include surveys and other such things. The applications offered will range in price anywhere from $0.99 to $9.99.

After completing the offer, an email will be sent to your registered email address, which contains a link that confirms to OfferedApp’s systems that you’ve completed the offer. Soon after, you’ll receive an email from iTunes (this is of course in the case of downloading an iPhone application) with a link to download the daily application. If you’re familiar with iTunes’ gifting process, you just click on the link included in the email, enter your iTunes credentials and voila!

If you’re not comfortable with giving out your basic information (name, zip code, ect.), then the service is most probably not for you. Most of the offers that need to be completed involve giving out your personal info to then complete some sort of survey, which usually doesn’t include credit card numbers, unless you’re signing up for a paid service (not usual). I really didn’t mind giving out my name, birth date, zip code and such as the OfferedApp claims and is confirmed to only partner with advertisers who will respect your privacy.

So far, the website has been pretty successful. Ventures like this don’t seem to ever fail, proven by Free App A Day, Openfeints Free Game of the Day, and other daily deal websites. If you want in on the awesomeness, just head over to OfferedApp, where today’s daily iOS application is Gamevil’s, Air Penguin.