Ocarina Turns Your iPhone Into A Magical Wind Instrument

The wonderful folks at Smule have recently released their latest application called Ocarina. Touted as the first real instrument created for the iPhone, Ocarina transforms your iPhone into an ancient wind instrument that you can actually play. Consisting of four dots which can be played in any combination you choose, the app is capable of handling quite a few tunes thanks to its ability to change both its root and mode. Ocarina even includes a Zeldarian mode so you can relive your favorite N64 game.

Video after the break!

Because Ocarina is a “real” instrument, Smule is allowing anyone to score songs for Ocarina and post them in their forums.

In addition to all the fun you can have playing your Ocarina, the app includes a rotating globe which shows others playing Ocarina live around the world. You can even listen to the different streams!

Ocarina is available for $0.99 in the App Store. You can expect a review from us as soon as we stop feeling so light-headed from all that blowing.

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