O2 To Allow Customers To Sign Up For 3G Plans Ahead Of Launch To Speed Up Activation Process?

One of the concerns with the new iPhone 3G has been the issue with Apple requiring that customers sign up for a contract and activate the device in-store before walking out with their shiny new iPhone 3G, and the impact this will most likely have on the long lines expected to form outside stores, given that phone registration and activation tends to be a lengthy process. Now rumor has it that O2 will be letting customers sign up for contracts in advance to make the purchasing process on launch day a little less painful.

A MacRumors forum-goer claims to have spoken to an O2 employee, which they say offered the following information:

The main point he told me was this, From July 1st All O2 stores in the UK will offer pre registration Credit checks, You can come in store, have your contract setup for you, and a unique registration code given to you. The contract will simply be “paused” and wont be activated. No details are taken about which model phone you are going to be purchasing.

You can then turn up on July 11th and quote the registration code and then make a standard purchase of the phone and then the contract will become activated.

Of course, this hasn’t yet been confirmed by O2, and their representatives have a reputation of being less than reliable. Additionally, the representative did note that the policy (assuming he’s correct) was the decision of O2 and not Apple, so it is unknown if a similar policy would be enacted by AT&T in the US.

[via MacRumors]

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