O2 Could Lose Exclusive iPhone Rights in UK on October 9th

Wireless carrier O2 may be set to lose its exclusive deal as the iPhone’s mobile network on October 9th. The Mobile Entertainment web site has claimed to have seen documentation confirming that O2 will lose its exclusive license on this date. Per the article, O2 will retain the rights to sell the device until 2012; but its period as the exclusive seller is only for two years.

A slight oddity is that the original iPhone went on sale 9 November 2007; meaning that if the 9 October 2009 date is correct, a month has gone missing somewhere.

Wireless carriers Orange and T-Mobile are widely tipped to join O2 as UK networks supporting the iPhone. Orange currently supports the iPhone in France, and T-Mobile is the exclusive network provider in Germany.

If the 9 Oct date is correct for the U.K. it could also mark the date when other network providers, such as AT&T, also lose the exclusive right as the network provider for the iPhone in their respective territories.

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