The New York Times Company had a sleek and sturdy application developed to bring front-page news to the iPhone.

NYTimes is exactly what it claims to be: the New York Times newspaper. There are four main areas to view the latest news, business reports, opinions editorials and published photographs. In the ‘More’ tab, users can browse the rest of the newspaper for articles from today’s edition. There is also a search function that allows you to search through today’s paper for words and phrases in any of the articles. Full pages are pulled up by tapping through the articles, and links are automatically transferred to Safari from the articles themselves. A nice touch is that the bottom bar is customizable, so the four main options can be changed to any section of the newspaper you’d like them to be.

The only downside is that there are advertisements in the articles, but they are small enough and out of the way so that there is still plenty of space to read. When browsing over WiFi, the interface is quick and easy. This application encounters slight lag when browsing over EDGE, but still works very well.

NYTimes is a surefire free download for anyone who wants to stay updated on current events, and it shows its colors as a generously-developed application.

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