No More Angry Birds? – Rovio Working on a New Project

After what seemed to be a millennium of constant updates for the chart-dominant hit from Rovio, Angry Birds ($0.99), you’ve probably got a lifetime supply of slinging angry, flightless fowl at defenseless pigs. The news is that the developing outfit based on Finland may be moving onto new things.

Rovio may soon not be a one-series hit developer. According to an interview with AllThingsD, the CEO of Rovio, Mikael Hed stated that a non-Angry Birds-themed game was currently in production. Officially:

“It will be out in a couple of months.”

As to what the game is, exactly, we can only speculate. The firm evidently has a passion for keeping their content updated and satisfying their extremely large fanbase with a few Angry Birds titles already on the App Store for sale and offering hundreds of levels, cumulatively. Honestly, I’ve got to say that I’m a bit exhausted of the series by now with the different titles offering the same gameplay each time with a pleasurable graphical scheme.

The success of the Angry Birds games has yet to be conquered for a long period of time. Since 2009, the games have dominated the charts for long periods of times. Even though some applications have risen above the series at times, this has only been temporary. There’s pretty much always been atleast one title in the top ten applications. How Rovio will be able to recreate that fame with anything new, is beyond us, but we think that by now anything they release will be pounced on by their ravenous fans.

Regardless, we’re definitely excited to see what’s in the works. There’s still a new Angry Birds game that will launch soon, placing the indomitable pigs and family of birds in space and also a movie that has been hinted at in the past. We’ll keep you posted on any future developments.

In the meantime, we heard Rovio was “open” to possibly selling off the series. Anyone want to make any offers?