I was pretty heavy on Scribbles, so when Mike was telling me that No.2 was on the list of things to review next, I regained a small amount of hope. I’m one of those ‘starving artists’ types, and I suppose the opportunity to doodle on something more personal than the nearest napkin at the oldest diner is appealing.

To start us off right, I should notify you that the application is already being revised, and Chad told me that there will be some wonderful updates to come with it (as seen in the last image below). Alright, now on to the review.

No. 2 is a drawing application that allows you to zoom in and out, and I think you might be surprised to find out that your tool is going to be (drumroll, please) a pencil. The controls are relatively precise and the zoom function is a marvelous touch for refining your works.

The controls are a little awkward to get used to. There are taps and second-finger taps, and as much as I know this is necessary to keep the interface as simple and easy as possible, there’s a definite learning curve to getting accurate with this application. What’s nice about it is that the point of drawing is based upon the tip of the pencil, not necessarily the tip of your finger, so users are capable of drawing on the screen while still having a good point of reference.

A nice touch is the inclusion of folders called ‘books’ that you can keep your drawings in. There are pre-assigned books and you are able to add your own. Pages you draw in can be easily deleted, but as of yet there is no function to actually transfer pages to other ‘books’.

No.2 requires some obvious refinement, as can be noticed while drawing. Thankfully, the next update promises to give us a better frame-rate and smoother lines. For now, this is a simple application with a nice system of organization. The price may not reflect the fact that you can just purchase a pack of 5 pencils for less than a dollar, but I’m looking forward to a great update.

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