Nike+ App For iPhone Screenshots Leaked

With the success of the Nike+ for the iPod Nano, it has long been suspected that they would come up with a similar set-up for the iPhone. Still, little has been said about it by either company, but leaked screenshots may be proof that it is nearing completion. claims to have screenshots of a new upcoming Nike+ app for the iPhone in action.

The original Nike+ setup involves a sensor in the user’s shoes (supplied by Nike, of course) and a reciever attached to the iPod Nano that counts the number of steps you take and how long you’ve been moving, as well as approximate distance traveled. The information is stored on the Nano, and then synced with a training log the next time it’s connected to iTunes. doesn’t mention if the iPhone setup will include any additional hardware, but they claim that the screenshots are proof of it’s existence, and it is convincing.


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