Nice List

Nice list is an application made specifically to help you remember which gifts to buy while you’re out Christmas shopping! The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s very pretty. To begin creating your lists, simply tap the plus button to add someone’s name from your contacts. If their name isn’t in your contacts, you can manually enter it.

Once you’ve entered someone’s name, you can begin adding gifts by tapping their name and adding the gifts. Nice List requires that you enter both the gift name and its price. There are no other fields to fill out, presumably to keep things simple. I definitely feel like the app could benefit from a notes field to write down little reminders of details for the gift or the person.

You can enter as many people as you like and add as many gifts as you like. After you’ve entered everything, Nice List helps you keep track of whether you’ve purchased the gift, whether you’ve wrapped it, and whether you’ve shipped it. If you don’t plan to ship your gifts, “Shipping” can be turned off in the preferences. The app also shows you how much you’ve spent in total at the bottom of the main screen.

If you don’t want people snooping, Nice List allows you to add a four-digit passcode lock to the app.

For the most part, Nice List is a fantastic way to manage your shopping list for the holidays. It’s very basic, but that’s by design. Although I wish that it supported notes, I do recommend the app for most people, especially at $0.99. However, if you need something more advanced, Nice List may not be the right choice.

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