Ngmoco Posts Video, Photos of Upcoming First Person Shooter & Pet Game

Ngmoco:) has just released teaser videos for two upcoming games. The first is for a new first person shooter called Eliminate, and is a mock advertisement for one of the super cool looking weapons in the game. The other is for Touch Pets Dogs, a new social netowrking pet sim game that lets owners play with virtual puppies. Video after the break.

In Eliminate, players can hone their skills in multiplayer death-match against real players from around the world, at any time, in any location. Playable over 3G or Wi-Fi, Eliminate invites players to join ranked competitive games against other players in a variety of arenas through Plus+ Network enabled game play. Players can send challenge invitations to friends using Push Notification, and friends can join play groups with a press of a button — whether they’re already in the game or not.

In Touch Pets Dogs, players adopt, nurture and play with their virtual puppies through one-on-one touch screen interaction or on play dates with other players’ dogs from around the world. The ambitious Touch Pets social network, embedded within the game, allows owners and dogs alike to build relationships with other players and their Touch Pets. Puppies’ social lives continue to evolve whether their owners are logged into the game or not, and the results are broadcast for the world to see on the Touch Pets social network dog feed.

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