NFL Central: How-to Watch the Super Bowl Live on Your iPhone/iPad [& More]

Finding yourself stuck away from the TV screen on game-day can be painful for NFL fans, so why put yourself through missing a second of the biggest game of the year when you could be watching the Super Bowl live on your iOS devices? Follow along after the break for our roundup of how-to make the most of an avid football fanatic’s big day.


NFL Mobile

Foremost, most crucial is not missing a drop of sweat if for whatever reason you’re pulled away from the game. Well, at least for the fanatics. With the NFL Mobile app, tune-in to the Super Bowl live as it’s happening – albeit, the live feed is for Verizon FiOS customers only.

CBS’s site

While we cannot confirm whether the live feed will be active during the Super Bowl, there is a glimmer of hope that CBS’s site will let those without access to the above app watch the Super Bowl live. If a computer is nearby, the site will also be providing an exclusive multiple-angle view of the game.

NFL Pro 2013 [Game]

Missing a year without the teams you’re most passionate about? Experience the quality realism and tight controls we have come to expect from Gameloft with the developer’s “free-to-play” NFL Pro 2013 game.

ESPN ScoreCenter

Keep up with a recap of the latest plays and score updates with the official ESPN app.

SlingBox owners also have the opportunity to keep-up with the game with a live feed of CBS.

Don’t go placing too many bets on game day (remember last year?), instead use our comments below to place your predictions (for free, nonetheless). Both coaching brothers would agree it’s far less risky to watch the Super Bowl live on an a smartphone than it is to watch it in a bar.