Next iPhone To Have OLED Screen, Video Chat, And Removable Battery?

Remember that mystery executive at KT (the exclusive iPhone carrier in South Korea) who said the iPhone would be doing a mini-launch in April and sport the ARM Cortex-A9 2GHz processor? Apparently that wasn’t all he said. He also claims that the next iPhone will have video chat capabilities, an OLED screen, and last but definitely not least, a removable battery.

We’ve been hearing wishy-washy rumors about a front-facing camera that would facilitate video chatting on the iPhone, but nothing has ever come of it. It’s not totally unreasonable to expect one, though.

On the other hand, an OLED screen and a removable battery seem like a stretch, to say the least. Apple disappointed many when they announced the first iPhone wouldn’t have a removable (and therefore swappable) battery, deciding instead to make it as close to a sealed brick as possible, aiming to slim down and simplify it as much as possible. They’ve maintained this despite harsh criticism, and have even spread this design mentality to their notebook line. The idea that they would suddenly pull a ’180′ on this seems very unlikely.

As far as the OLED screen goes, we’ve seen mention of 10-inch OLED units being noticeably in demand, but nothing about 3.5-inch ones. Plus, it would change the pixel resolution of the screen, meaning developers would have to adjust for the different size in order for their apps to work on new models. While we have heard that Apple was helping a select few developers do this for the upcoming tablet, we haven’t heard about them doing this for another iPhone.

Then again, nothing is impossible, I guess.

[via Korea Times]

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