Next-Generation iPod Touch with 3G?

Could Apple be hinting at a next-generation iPod Touch with a 3G model as an alternative option? It’s unlikely, but the rumor mill is at it again thanks to a screenshot from a current iPod Touch running on the iOS 5 beta.

Not only will the new iPhone be introduced this August/September, but a new line of iPods is also likely to be showcased, which includes the new iPod Touch. The rumors are already circulating, with pictures a supposed white iPod Touch already emerging and more most likely to soon hit the web.

A screenshot was taken on an iPod Touch, running Apple’s iOS 5 beta, that hints that Apple could include 3G in the next model.

There are multiple, justifiable reasons that the 3G option is on the iPod Touch: code-sharing is not un-common. In fact, it’s very common, especially with Apple. This could just been an instance where Apple didn’t need to remove the option from the iPod Touch beta, and are planning to take it out in the public build of iOS 5 coming out this Fall. It could also be a mistake, which is what 9to5Mac thinks:

“The obvious explanation for the screenshot above, taken on a current Retina iPod touch with the latest iOS 5 Beta, is that Apple messed up by leaving the ‘Cellular’ data option in the iPod software”

My take, for those interested? I wouldn’t put it past Apple to do something like that, but also alongside the option to opt out on the 3G. Also, with a low-price iPhone model without a contract supposedly soon to be announced, it wouldn’t be completely ethical for Apple to offer an iPod Touch at (probably) around the same price point as well.

So, again, this could just be yet another false rumor that has been either brewed up or blown up out of proportion.

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[Via 9to5Mac]