Next Generation iPod and iPhone Appear in Apple’s Inventory

The end to all the next generation iPhone rumors is near, and on October 4th we will know all we need to know. The scary part is there are more signs pointing to the iPhone 4S than the iPhone 5. For example, two of Apple’s next generation devices have been revealed in their internal inventory system. Three new iPods codenamed N81A (4th generation codename N81) and two SKUs for the iPhone 4S, N90A, were discovered by 9to5Mac.

The Apple blog doesn’t believe the iPhone 5 would be listed under N90A, because new hardware normally receives a new codename. The two listings could represent black and white models, and it’s possible N90A could be the SKU for the rumored 8GB iPhone 4.

While I’m positive the iPhone 5 will make an appearance on Tuesday, the rumblings about a possible bubble defect in the touch panels and shortages have me worried. Especially since Apple’s focus seems to be on expanding its customer base by launching a low-end iPhone, and increasing its carriers in China and the U.S..

I’m probably just being paranoid, but until I have an official iPhone 5 release date, I’m not counting my chickens…