Next Generation iPhone Spotted In App Stats?

Pandav, developer of the iPhone application iBART [App Store, $1.99 / Free], claims to have spotted an unreleased iPhone in their app’s analytics, showing up as “iPhone3,1″ in the data collected by Pinch Media. This is the first spotting of a device with that internal identification number “in the wild”, leading them to believe that it is the next generation of iPhone. If genuine, it could mean that Apple has begun field testing the next generation of the device.
References to a device identified as “iPhone3,1″ were first discovered in the iPhone’s firmware files in August. Additionally, the iPhone 3GS was first spotted as “iPhone2,1″ around this time last year (October, to be exact), making a spotting now seem plausible given their previous product cycle.
Not much as been said about what hardware changes the new device might bring, though some speculate that it may include components that would allow it to function on both GSM and CDMA networks alternately, fueling the Verizon iPhone rumor. Another rumor suggests a new multi-core processor that would greatly enhance performance.
[via MacRumors]

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