Next Generation iPhone Prototype Found

Over the weekend, Engadget posted photos of a mobile device they claimed to be an iPhone 4G prototype. The phone was found neglected in a San Jose bar, concealed in an case designed to make it look like an iPhone 3G. Today, Gizmodo released their coverage of the device, which they have now obtained and dissected. They have taken it upon themselves to decisively say “you are looking at Apple’s next iPhone.”

The phone’s appearance is significantly different from the current iPhone 3G(S) design, with a back that is completely flat and made of a shiny plastic, and an aluminum border on its sides. The device is 3 grams heavier than the current iPhone, mostly due to its 16% larger battery. The SIM Card slot is now designed to house a micro-SIM, the same size card that is currently used in the iPad. The screen is significantly higher resolution than that of the current generation iPhone. Finally, this possible successor has a front facing camera, and a larger lensed camera on its back, complete with a flash.

So is this the phone Apple will be presenting to the public this summer? The device is almost certainly from Apple, the internals are real and clearly Apple designed. The device can even successfully boot; unfortunately it pauses at the “Connect to iTunes” screen that is seen when setting up an iPhone for the first time. This is clearly a functioning iPhone prototype, potentially a very strong indicator of the final product, but still a prototype. The final design may still appear very different, but an Apple product prototype reaching the public is an incredibly rare event.

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