NewsGator Technologies Now Offering TapLynx iPhone Development Framework

If you can create a web site using WYSIWYG technologies, then it should follow that you can do the same with iPhone applications. According to Macworld, TapLynx from NewsGator Technologies allows anyone to build an iPhone app, complete with features like embedded video, Twitter hooks, and e-mail-to-a-friend.

While TapLynx won’t allow you to create a brand new iPhone game or (yet another) Twitter client, it does function as a framework to allow you to create a content-centric app with text, photos, and videos. Since TapLynx supports sponsorship, display ads, and video pre-roll ads, monetizing your app should be pretty doable, too.

A TapLynx license costs $3500 upfront, a hefty upfront price but perhaps a reasonable initial investment if you have the cash on hand. An evaluation version can be found here.


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