NewerTech Hands-Free Mic & Earbuds for iPhone

The NewerTech Hands-Free Mic (et cetera) is a set of in-ear earbuds equipped with a microphone for full compatibility with iPhone. It comes in chrome or black and was voted ‘Best of Show in 2008’ by iProng Magazine.

Maximum levels are immensely loud, seeing as these are inside your ears, so I found the optimum level is at about one-third of the total volume. It tested with good balance of sound, and I’m surprised to find myself saying that I didn’t mind the level of bass that these earbuds could push out. I really think NewerTech explained it on their site best:

“All this convenience is complimented by our Bass Response Earbuds. Utilizing Insert-Passive Noise Reduction engineering, these earbuds reduce noise an average of 42 dB while boosting your audio soundtrack up to 10 dB at higher frequencies.”

I’m probably going to be rehashing this sentiment in each review, but I’d also like to mention that the quality of sound coming out of this headset is going to be directly proportional to the quality of sound your audio rips are at.

There is a decent chamber for the headphones (it is the gunmetal casing that sits flush with your ear-cartilage). The actual piece that fits in your ear is comfortable, although a little difficult to fit in. I found my self almost using my finger as a shoehorn to canoodle the small piece into my ear cavity.

The main selling point I found is the headset aspect of this accessory. There is a microphone bit that has a button to receive calls. This button was particularly interesting because it can be used with music as well. Pressing once can pause, while pressing it twice will skip to the next track. It is a normal microphone, and the pickup is low enough to not catch much background noise. Your voice will go through pretty clearly, just make sure to not aim your voice too much away.

I’ve got to admit, I like this headset. A marvelous bang for the buck, and I know that they have officially replaced my original Apple Earbuds. It’s nice to see that even low-end sets can still pump out decent sound. I can see plenty of room for improvement, however. The set I was delivered actually ended up breaking (somewhat) before I even tested it due to one of the earbuds dismantling. Thankfully I had a second set to test audio with, but that was definitely a testament to this low-end headset’s mortality.

Pros :
• Decent range of sound
• Comfortable in-ear seating
• Unobtrusive cord design with shirt clamp to keep it out of the way
• Doesn’t sap much battery power
• Very low price and 1-year warranty

Cons :
• Could use a bit more bass, but it’s tolerable
• A little difficult to take in and out of ear
• Easily breakable

This headset can be purchased at NewerTech‘s website, or at select stores worldwide.

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