Newber Beta To Add Location-Aware Business Line To iPhone

FreedomVOICE has just announced the opening of their beta program for their app and cellular service called Newber. The app allows iPhone users to add a second phone number to their iPhone, giving them the ability to have a completely separate “business” line on their iPhone. It’s also location-aware, and can forward calls to other devices when in specific locations.

Not only is the app useful if a business user wants to keep their iPhone’s phone number and business number separate, but it also gives the ability to direct the Newber number to another nearby cellular or landline phone. This lets them do things like conserve battery life, but could be useful in areas with poor reception.

Users can simply key in the number of the alternate phone they wish to use, and the app will tag that location with GPS, so any time the iPhone is in the tagged location, calls to the Newber number will automatically get redirected to the other phone.

Additionally, users can tell the app to send calls from certain phone numbers directly to voicemail with no screening.

The native Newber app itself integrates with the contacts list already on the iPhone, displays missed and incoming calls, and has it’s own separate visual voicemail.

The Newber service costs $5/month and $0.02 per minute in the US (rates are higher elsewhere). They hope to have yet another version of the app in stores “soon”, and are currently considering user-submitted suggestions.

More information on the app is available at People interested in participating in their beta test can go here.

[via MacNN]

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