New Verizon Ad Claims Their 4G LTE Network Is Twice As Fast As ATT’s

An ad that recently started airing claims that Verizon’s 4G LTE network is twice as fast as AT&T’s by testing phones from both carriers against each other.

The ad, which I saw yesterday, simulates a rescue team’s process of rescuing. In other words, two people, each with phones from ATT and Verizon, (Motorola Atrix vs. LG Revolution) will be racing against each other to see who’s phone can download a music album first; whoever gets done first, gets rescued by the rescue team.

Of course, the rescue mission is just a simulation to test the speed of each carrier’s 4G LTE network. In the end, to prove that Verizon’s network is faster, the man downloading from the Verizon phone finishes much before the other man and is rescued/proclaimed the winner. The other man, unfortunately is hosed by the rescue team’s powerful water hose; AT&T as a result, totally got hosed by Verizon.

When the Verizon phone finished first, and the man was rescued, the AT&T phone had only gotten halfway through downloading the 14 song download. As long as there’s no favoring, considering it was Verizon’s ad, that shows Verizon’s 4G LTE network is in fact twice as fast as AT&T’s. I wouldn’t bet on my life that Verizon’s is exactly twice as fast, unless a third-party company was to test the speed. Any volunteers?

Take a look at the ad embedded:

But no really, it would be interesting to see who’s network would actually win and by how much in a totally unbiased environment. Any thoughts? How fast is your network Verizon customers?…AT&T customers?