New Source Reveals Apple Has No Roadmap For iPhone 5

Your head is probably spinning from all the rumors claiming that Apple plans to delay the launch of the iPhone 5 until 2012, but yet another source has come out in support of the popular theory.

According to sources at the Taiwan-based touch panel makers, Apple has not yet released a roadmap for the iPhone 5, and shipment volumes for the iPhone 4 are increasing. Meaning key suppliers have not been asked to stop production on the older model to start prepping for the next-generation device. Suppliers normally receive some kind of timetable letting them know when the change is scheduled to take place, and Apples lack of a roadmap suggests that a later release date for the iPhone 5 is probably true. This supports the analysis report released by Avian Securities who said that they believe the launch will “likely be a 2012 event.”

Since demands for the iPhone 4 are still high, the source speculates that Apple will likely stick to its tradition of launching a new iPhone in June or July, by releasing a slightly modified iPhone 4. Doing so would help them compete with the rising popularity of Android models and strengthen their grip on the market share, while giving them time to work on design and component issues with the iPhone 5.