New iPhone Revealed In Software Update?

According to MacRumors, the recent iPhone 2.x firmware has evidence of the next generation iPhone. Found in a property list inside the update image (USBDeviceConfiguration.plist), the suspected new iPhone is designated “iPhone2,1″ while the current iPhone is “iPhone1,2.”

Model numbers such as these are used by Apple to uniquely identify hardware, regardless of minor differences such as storage. The original iPhone was designated “iPhone1,1″ in spite of storage changes. The iPhone 3G is currently known as “iPhone1,2″ due to it being a different product with significantly different hardware.

MacRumors points out that the original iPod touch is identified as “iPod1,1″ while the most recent model is “iPod2,1.” The designation change is due to the new design, added speaker, microphone, and volume control, as well as the vastly improved processor.

One developer using PinchMedia ads has noticed the “iPhone2,1″ designation in their ad reports, furthering the credibility of this rumor.

MacRumors points out that rumors of next generation iPhones lean toward multi-core CPUs and GPUs from Imagination Technologies, as we mentioned earlier this month.

Finally, MacRumors points out Phil Schiller’s comments regarding Apple’s yearly product timeline which state that the iPhone cycle occurs in June. Will we see a new iPhone in 5-6 months? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to Matt for the tip!

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