New iPhone Launch Imminent for the Second Week of October?

Originally discovered by AppleInsider, Apple has begun to deny vacation requests for employees during the second week October. This could be reflective of an iPhone launch. Read below to find out more.

I so clearly remember the day when a few friends were having a discussion on the new iPhone – this was a few months ago, around March/April. A friend bragged “knowingly” that the new iPhone would be coming out that Summer, and this was after the news was out that it would probably be coming in the Fall. So I casually walked up to him, proved him wrong and then made a bet that the iPhone 5 wouldn’t be announced in June but instead in the Fall. I still have the 20 that materialized after WWDC passed without any word on the new phone. And the day when I can actually rub it in my friend’s face is coming ever so close. Enough with the personal story, though. Below is the actual news.

Stated in AppleInsider’s article on the according matter:

Apple is quietly denying requests for employee vacations during the second week of October, hinting that the company currently anticipates an influx of customers to its stores around that time related to availability of its new iOS 5 and fifth-generation iPhone products.”

Apple could be anticipating an influx of customers in their various Apple Stores, which could be the reason behind the denying of requests stated above. Why? Apple may be preparing for the launch date of the next generation iPhone and iPod lineup as well as the launch of iOS 5, the newest of the, havoc-wreaking for other OSs, operating system that was announced this summer at WWDC.

The specific dates are October 9th through the 12th and October 14th through the 15th. The first of the two dates will most likely be when iOS 5 will be released to the public while the latter will be the actual iPhone 5, anticipated iPod Touch 5th generation and other iPod launch date.

This supposed rumor, if true, would nicely go hand in hand with the plethora of previous iPhone 5 launch date rumors, stating the device was to be launched in mid-October.

Though it’s still not 100% confirmed, it’s been over a year since the iPhone 4 was announced, and is extremely probable that Apple will indeed launch the iPhone 5 during the second week of October when all of the previous rumors are taken into account and are considered. The amount of proof that has lately been circulating around the web does nothing but further confirm that week.

As always, iPhoneAlley will keep you posted on any future developments. The expected announcement date is October 4th, so for all of the news on that day tune into our homepage and follow us on Twitter.

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