New iPhone and iPad Releases Both Delayed?

iPad 2 Mock-upThere have been rumors going around that both the fifth-generation iPhone and the second-generation iPad will see releases pushed past their usual launch window. Both rumored delays to the expected release dates of the devices are assumedly the cause of Apple’s increasingly more demanding manufacturing and desire for a massive number of complex best-of-class parts.

Many are anticipating Apple’s unveiling of a new, updated iPad model at its March 2 event. However this may not be the case, according to iLounge. iLounge claims to have received tips that mention the possibility of the next-generation iPad being less significant of an upgrade than expected due to Apple’s wanting to release a slightly-adjusted model before manufacturing setbacks are overcome. A more significant iPad revision may be announced in September, which would make sense as a future launch window for the iPad; Apple typically holds an annual iPod event in September and it is right before the holidays.

If Business Insider is correct, then the next iPhone may not actually release until September either. This delay would be due to manufacturing and production problems because of the the need for an immense quantity of parts to be manufactured. Business Insider says that Apple expects that a total of a hundred thousand iPhones will be built during this year, which is unsurprisingly a contributor to the increasingly more challenging manufacturing.

The second-generation iPad would be expected to release around April if it were to retain its predecessor’s launch window. After years of summer releases, it would be surprising for the fifth-generation iPhone to have a release that is not around July. It would be inefficient for Apple to botch their release schedule, but it is certainly believable that they may have to.