New iPhone 3GS Not Jailbreak-Proof, But Needs Tether To Boot

Good news, everyone! Yesterday, the unfortunate news broke that Apple was now shipping iPhone 3GSs with a modified boot ROM that would make the devices impervious to the Dev Team’s jailbreak exploit, 24kpwn. Amazingly, this has already been cracked, and one of the new devices has been successfully jailbroken.

There is a slight catch, however. In order to boot the device once it’s been jailbroken, it must be tethered to your computer. It’s inconvenient (especially given OS 3.1′s crashy nature) but it still works.
Also, keep in mind that the most recent iPod touch suffered from a similar problem, but was fixed a few weeks later. Hopefully the hackers will get a better solution working soon.
[via Wired]

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