New iPhone 3G Owners Not Able to Activate Phones, iTunes Completely Overloaded [Updated With Solution]

As the iPhone 3G began rolling out in the United States, customers have begun experiencing extreme difficulty when attempting to activate or “unbrick” their iPhone 3Gs from within iTunes. Customers on the East Coast have had more luck than customers in states further west who are completely unable to use their new phones. The process of signing up for the plan in Apple and AT&T stores is being completed swiftly (in about 8 minutes), leaving only iTunes’ activation servers to blame. Those who cannot get their phones activated within a reasonable amount of time are being sent home to complete activation there.

Two of our guys have gotten their phones activated, while both Ed and myself are stuck with iBricks for the time being. Let us know in the comments whether or not your phones have been activated. If you have a trick to getting it to process (rubber chickens, chants, rebooting), we’d love to hear those too.

Update: According to several Genius Bar guys, Apple is saying that customers should simply leave the iPhone plugged in after receiving the activation error. After several minutes, the phone should be good to go. Please let us know if this works for anyone still stuck!

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