New iPad Case Ultimate Roundup #2

Although yesterday we covered a few of our favorite cases that became available for the new iPad, there have been a considerable amount of others that have opened the floodgates, and we wanted to highlight any favorable ones that provide optimal protection to safeguard the new device’s gorgeous, crisp screen among other things. We’ve obsessively compiled a list of additional cases that are compatible with Apple’s newest member to its iOS lineup.

I preordered my new iPad yesterday, so I wanted to really pinpoint a good, solid list of cases that could aid in the task of protecting my device when it arrives. Below you have another five cases on top of yesterday’s compilation listed in no particular order.

Scosche keyPAD ps2 ($79.99)

Much like the folio case that we wrote about yesterday, Scosche are offering a full keyboard case for the new iPad, which is also compatible with its predecessor. The case looks like a common portfolio when closed, but it then opens to reveal your iPad, housed securely, along with the bluetooth keyboard that it comes accompanied with. Held magnetically, the keyboard connects to your device via bluetooth and calls for simplified typing. Rather than having to awkwardly lean over your iPad when using the external keyboard, Scosche have designed the case to be much more intuitive. A stand concealed as part of the back of the case because of its similar look and material in comparison to the case, swivels outward to prop your iPad up at various viewing angles – this aids in more comfortable typing, much like typing on an ordinary laptop.

The keyPAD ps2 is crafted from what seems to be a high quality leather and coming from such a trusted manufacturer, I doubt it’ll let down. It’s evidently designed with care and prior planning and is an absolute no-brainer for people who carry their iPads around everywhere for its unique storage solution, included, portable keyboard and protection against scratches, dents and other harmful culprits. You can pick it up for a mere $79.99.

Twelve South BookBook Case for iPad ($69.99)

We loved the bite-sized iPhone iteration of this highly polished and popular case from Twelve South. The BookBook case transforms your iPad into a vintage book with a worn look but a polished, leather surface. Folding around your iPad, which is secured within, the bounding of the book, the covers and other aspects look almost authentic. A zipper closes the case, assuring ultimate protection from scratches, dust and more and a built in string/button design allows you to place the book in every imaginable position – this also enables you to use the case as a stand for your iPad for hands-free activities and optimal comfortableness. While it looks rather old and rugged, the case feels soft to the touch.

There are multiple styles available to fit anyone’s appetite, and the case also fits the iPad 2.

Proporta Leather Case with Aluminum Lining ($94.95)

Proporta has a fairly decent line of case for the new iPad that are available to be preordered, but the one that caught my eyes the quickest was their Leather Case with Aluminum Lining. Yet another flap case, the outside is crafted from a fine leather, as is the inside, and the edges are lined with a tough aluminum plate to prevent damage from drops. The smooth feel of the high-grade leather and the reliable aluminum coalesce to offer a great option to keep your iPad safe when within its confines.

Additionally, the cases doubles up as a stand to prop up your iPad to view at multiple angles to fit your desire.

Case-Mate Pop! Case ($50.00)

Case-Mate has an expansive line of irresistible case that have been designed with the utmost amount of care. They launched a few cases compatible only with the new iPad, which the Pop! Case is one of. Doubling as a case as well as a stand, it is manufactured out of a soft plastic shell with additional rubber grips lining the edges for the purposes of comfortable holding and sturdy grip. You’ll have access to all ports as highlighted by the product’s description and can also use the kickstand that is built into the back of the case to prop your iPad up on a flat surface for viewing without the need of hands. It’s obviously very well designed, and it’s available in many colors to suit anybody.

USBFever Eggshell Case ($28.99)

A little while back we took this case’s little iPod Touch-compatible brother for a spin and were captivated by it. Even though its name would naturally signify a fragile case, it’s rather going for the notion that an eggshell and the eggshell case are both very thin. Just because it’s thin, though, I’d worry about whether or not it could reliably protect your iPad. It’s a bit cheaper than the rest, but the material is strong and worthy – however, it does bend easily, from past experience. It’s your choice; you could either go with the case that may or may not protect your iPad and save a few bucks, or spend more money for more assurance. Regardless, it’s available in different shades.