New Game Mode Revealed for Halfbrick’s Fruit Ninja!

The team over at Halfbrick have been quite busy folk with the recent release of Age of Zombies (our review) and with yet another title in development. This morning I, and obviously tons of others, received word that that the “coming soon” spot in Fruit Ninja would soon be replaced by another mode.

Being a huge fan of Halfbrick and their amazing games, I was excited to see that a new game mode would finally be coming out! It turns out that all of the waiting has resulted in a good outcome! The new Arcade Mode!

Check out all of the new features:

Announcing Arcade Mode, the most intense and exciting addition to Fruit Ninja yet! It adds so much more to the value and satisfaction of Fruit Ninja, while still keeping the simplicity and ease of play as top priority! Players have 60 seconds on the clock to achieve the highest score possible, but this isn’t any old boring 60 seconds. We’ve added some serious power in the form of bonus colored bananas which fly up on screen. Slice one of those and get ready for action!

Double Points –This banana will award you double points for a short period of time. Criticals and combos count too, so rack up those fruit for some massive scores!

Frenzy – If you’re not content with the amount of fruit on screen, the Frenzy banana will take care of that. A mammoth amount of fruit will begin flying in, but you have to stay focused to slice it all!

Freeze –
The entire screen will slow down, allowing for maximum accuracy and combo potential!

Best of all, the bananas can be stacked! How about activating a Freeze, Frenzy and Double Points bonus all at once? On top of that, if you keep the combos going the game speed will increase and you can achieve a massive combo blitz!

If you’ve read all of this and are a huge fan of Halfbrick, like I am, you’re probably really excited! And if hearing about it isn’t enough for you, check out this awesome video that they’ve put together showing off the greatness of the new mode:

Look out for the update that should be coming out very soon now!