New Case Revamps the Look of the iPad, Turns It into a Mini MacBook Pro

While most people, like me, admire Apple’s sheer determination to keep all of their products looking simplistic with minimal design, some others don’t quite appreciate this and want to embellish the look of their iOS devices. Yeah, they could always go pick up one of the hundreds of Android phones or tablets that usually tend to sport tons of buttons (somewhat exaggerated), or they could very well pick up a new case discovered by that drastically revamps the look of the iPad by transforming it into a mini Macbook Pro.

The case is available on Japanese retailer Rakuten for 5,980 yen (or roughly $75), so it’s possible that it may soon make its way over to Rakuten’s US counterpart, Similarly, you can purchase the case from

According to the case’s product description, it comes built in with a lithium-polymer battery. As you can see from the pictures, the case is equipped with a bluetooth keyboard as well as a USB port. The description does go fairly out of its way to mention that the case is not compatible with the new iPad, however, since said device only boasts a slight size difference over its predecessor, it’s very likely that the case is compatible with the iPad 2 or the new iPad alike.

A case like such isn’t completely new, as such. It’s simply giving the iPad the Macbook’s signature aesthetics while further retaining the capabilities of other similar keyboard cases of the same nature. We do know that the iPad could very well serve as an alternative to a computer with word processors available, a browser, memory, applications and more that evidently aren’t exclusive to desktops/laptops. Something like this allows you to transform your iPad into a Macbook without the heft price tag accompanying the latter; it’s not the same, but it’s a start, right?