New 4.0 Features You Might Have Missed: Bluetooth Keyboards, Spell Check, Digital Zoom

There were several little features that appeared in Steve Job’s keynote on Thursday, most of which weren’t even discussed during the presentation. Steve mentioned quickly that the iPhone, with OS 4.0, will support bluetooth keyboards just like the iPad. Spell check on the iPhone will be on par with the iPad spell check, which underlines misspelled words more like the Mac OS and presents possible word options. Additionally, Steve mentioned that the Photos app will now feature “places” to group geo-tagged photos, much like iPhoto on the Mac. On the keynote slide, there are a couple of mentions of new mail features, such as file and delete search results, and the ability to choose an image size in a mail message.

Below is a screenshot of the keynote slide which shows only some of the 100 new features Apple says are coming to the iPhone this summer.

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