Netter’s Anatomy

I’m about to enter into Pre-Med in university, and when I saw the preview for this application at WWDC I was instantly excited. Modality, the company behind this release, has eloquently configured an already-precise system into a touch-driven learning experience.

Netter’s Anatomy is quite possibly the leading force in anatomical cartography, and it really takes seeing the results to know why. Illustrations are realistically and absolutely shown from the bone structure to the location of capillaries inside muscles. A wonderful inclusion is the descriptions of cross-sections in almost every part of the body, giving not only width and length but depth as well.

The interface is simply and effective, first showing the seven main areas of research in the body, and then each respective area’s flash cards. Each flash card includes tappable pins that bring up the name, information for the entire section that you’re viewing and even a quiz mode that allows you to test yourself on the names of each area. There is even an index included that allows you to search through the scientific names to find specific areas and where they’re located.

The information section of each flash card shows comments on each, and the muscle flash cards include the origin and insertion information, as well as the action and the innervation.

Compared to the actual (physical) flash cards, this is a cheaper, more compact and streamlined form of studying complex anatomy, and as one of the future doctors of the world I’m certain that this is a beneficial step in the integration of the worlds of medicine and technology. If you plan on pursuing the medical field, this application is a prime example of efficiency in the educational system. If you don’t think you will be using this often, however, I would advise that you just use Google when curiosity strikes you.

This application is usable for the iPod Touch and the iPhone, and there’s even a version available for click-wheel iPods.

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