I’ve been a user of the computer-based version of NetNewsWire for a while, and I use it for almost all my RSS needs. It’s a great application for anyone that is looking for an RSS aggregator and doesn’t want to look far.

What I discovered immediately upon opening NetNewsWire for iPhone is that syncing is possible with the use of a site called NewsGator. It simply reads your list and synchronizes to the internet. It’s a quick process of just going to NetNewsWire’s Preferences, hopping over to ‘Syncing’, and then ‘Starting Over’. After you’ve synchronized your computer-based NetNewsWire to the site, you can login on iPhone and it will automatically download the subscriptions.

Subscriptions show up on the application exactly as they appear in the computer-based NetNewsWire, and the interface is, surprisingly, almost exactly the same. The only difference is that you tap conveniently labeled buttons instead of clicking and clicking. Some have complained that it takes too long to load or that it’s just a slow application in general, but I experienced no problems with it whatsoever.

What is really great is that when you view subscriptions, there’s a small plus sign at the bottom left that allows you to create Web Clips of certain pages. Also, if you decide to click a link in one of your subscriptions, or actually view the real page, it automatically opens in NetNewsWire, and there is an option to open it in Safari if you want to.

I’m really just shocked at how well this application works, and only have a couple qualms. While you’re in the program, read articles don’t just ‘go away’, and there is no options to make them do so. The ability to skip to the next unread article makes it less of a hassle, however. Also, there isn’t a search function, so if you’ve read through a couple thousand articles and suddenly remember knowing you needed ‘that certain site’, it would be best to hop onto the computer-based NetNewsWire.

Overall, it’s a brilliantly programmed application, and is almost exactly like the original. I plan on using it whenever I feel the need to check my RSS feeds, and the ability to check ‘on the go’ makes the iPhone even more a part of my life.

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