Nescaline NES Emulator Approved, Posted and Pulled From App Store

If you have an iPhone and grew up gaming in the 80s and 90s, then odds are the nostalgia factor kicked in. If you had a hankering to play some classic Nintendo Entertainment System titles on your iPhone without jailbreaking it, your dreams may have just come true.

And then just as quickly yanked away.

Nescaline was released on to the App Store Sunday evening by Jonathan Zdziarski, creator of NES v3 available on Cydia. The app comes with a basic load out of free games, but to play the games you actually want to play you will need to point the emulator to a .nes ROM file URL. Nescaline then downloads the ROM in to the emulator, allowing users to play them whenever they want.

The application features multitouch on-screen controls that serve as a D-Pad and controller buttons. When the player turns the handset, the emulator flips from portrait to landscape, making game control that much easier.

Unfortunately, after approval and posting, Nescaline has been pulled from the App Store for as-yet-unspecified reasons.

Stay tuned for additional information as it becomes available.

[Via touchArcade]

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