Need For Speed Shift Hits App Store

EA’s new racing game, Need For Speed Shift [App Store, $9.99], is now available. The new title includes 20 different cars (including the BMW M3 GT2, Lamborghini Gallardo & Pagani Zonda), 18 tracks in various international locations (Chicago, London & Tokyo) and a multiplayer mode with up to 6 players over WiFi or Bluetooth.

  • The sweeping skylines of the urban landscapes… day and night driving… the roar of engines, the squeal of tires, the crunch of collisions
  • Thrust yourself into the driver’s seat of a high-end performance car, and see the race as it really is. Get the hyper-real POV of the in-car cockpit, as well as the brutal perspective of the first-person crash dynamic.
  • Shift into either local WiFi or live Bluetooth Multiplayer across half a dozen modes.
  • Jump into Quick Race or dominate the circuit in Career Mode
  • Select from 3 Difficulty Settings (Rookie, Pro, Veteran)
  • Immerse yourself in physics-based accelerated 3D graphics with OpenGL ES 2.0 integrations
  • Grab the wheels of the fastest, hottest, and most powerful cars in the world.
  • Personalize your car’s performance and styling features.

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